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Upper Township Cheerleading

Upper Township Cheerleading

What you need to know


Shells, skirts, & bows are provided for each cheerleader.  Shells and skirts will need to be returned at the end of the season, the bows  are yours to keep.

Undergarments: Black Long sleeve crop tops for Taxi, Pee Wee and JV can be purchased at Dance & Fitness Factory. Varsity cheerleaders should speak with their coach regarding their crop top ordering.   Black briefs are to be worn by all cheerleaders.  Girls may wear items from previous years if they still fit.  These can be purchased at Dance & Fitness Factory, 2907 Fire Road, EHT.

Leggings: Girls must have a pair of plain black leggings for cold games.  Please no tights.  You may purchase at a store of your choice.

Cheer Sneakers and Socks: Girls can wear any white cheer sneaker.  Keds are not permitted.  You can find them at the Dance & Fitness Factory or online  Cheerleaders should wear white low cut socks with their cheer shoes.

Jackets: Zip-up sweatshirts will be ordered in August. All girls will need a team sweatshirt or jacket for games.  Girls may wear their jackets from previous years if they still fit.

Meet & Greet

A parent Meet and Greet will be held Virtually this year, more information regarding this will follow.

Summer Camp

We will NOT be holding a summer camp this year.


Practices will begin on August 11th. Practices will be located at Amanda's Field as follows:

  • JV, Pee Wee, and Taxi Elite will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:00.

  • Varsity will practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00.

  • Taxi Jr. (Kindergarten) will practice on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00.

Once school starts, the scheduled times and frequency of practice may change at the discretion of coaches and the board. 

The season will last until early to Mid November.

Cheerleaders may bring a water bottle filled with clear liquids, but no snacks or eating will be allowed.  We have a lot to get done before the season starts, so if parents and siblings stay during practices do your best to minimize any distractions.  Please have your child use the bathroom prior to the start of practice, however, we anticipate the need for parent volunteers/team moms to escort the girls to and from the bathrooms (or portable toilets) at practice as necessary. 

2020 Practice Safety Guidelines:

  1. When dropping off your child, please wait until your child has their temperature checked before leaving.  If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, you will need to take them home.

  2. If you would like to watch practice, remain in your car or sit at a safe distance away from cheerleaders & coaches with a facial mask.

  3. Parents must wear a facial mask before entering the practice area or to speak with a coach.

  4. Please be mindful, if your child is not feeling 100%, it is best to keep them home.

  5. Please be supportive if we ask you to bring your child home.

  6. We recommend that our Taxi and Pee Wee parents remain at practice.  Often our younger cheerleaders lack the self control to remain within their own personal space. If a cheerleader is not listening to the coach and continues to be in the personal space of other cheerleaders, we may ask your help in speaking with your child, taking them home for the night, or have them sit for the remainder of practice.

  7. If your child travels to any states that are on the NJ Travel Advisory List set forth by the Governor, we ask that you keep your child away from practice during your 14 day quarantine period.  Coaches will try to share videos with you so that your child can practice from home.


Games are held every Saturday from the start of September until early to mid November.  Cheerleaders are expected to attend all games and to stay and cheer for the duration of the game.  In the event of inclemate weather, team coaches will decide if the cheer team will leave a game early or not attend a game.


Merchandise: You can order Upper Cheer apparel by clicking the Store link in the top yellow banner right here on our website. Please visit the site to browse new style and design options!

Masks: We are selling UTCA masks for $15.  Check out our facebook page by searching “Upper Township Cheer” public facebook page for the link to order.

Candygrams: We will be selling Candygrams at Taxi, Pee Wee, and the first half of the JV games.  The cost is $1.00.  In order to make this a safe fundraiser, you will purchase the candygram, fill out the tag with a clean writing utensil, and you will keep it to give to your cheerleader/football player at the end of the game.  We are always looking for volunteers to assist with the candygram table.  

Beef & Beer:  This event has been canceled for this year.

Additional fundraisers will also be announced.


This year we plan to hold an end of season celebration for each team to recognize each cheerleader during a team pizza party held at the Community Center (pending township approval).



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